Pulitzer winner’s approach

28 Sep
Jake Bernstein.

Jake Bernstein. Photo: Sarunlee


HONG KONG – Journalism students, especially from the M.A. in International Journalism Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University, rushed into a seminar room on Sep. 23, 2011 upon arrival of Jake Bernstein, a Pulitzer Prize winner, who was invited to share journalistic tips to students.

Bernstein started his special lecture at 10 a.m. and spent about one and a half hour to share how the U.S. economic crisis happened and how his work about that topic could win the Pulitzer Prize, the most prestige award for journalists offered by Columbia University.

Bernstein and his partner, Jesse Eisinger, won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for their “The Wall Street Money Machine” series published via Propublica in 2010.

“Bet Against the American Dream”, is one of the creative works of his team. Integration of music and the U.S. economic story could blend well and produce a new form of presentation.

However, there are many ingredients required to produce such a quality and creative work. Here are the keys to Bernstein’s approach.

Bernstein said he had to search for some sources from Facebook, a social networking site while some information was quite private and available to investors only, so this was a very challenging task to gain the information from them and report to the people.

The Pulitzer Prize winner also highlighted his methods to convey puzzling words, particularly jargons in the financial reporting. He said reporters should understand complicating terms and change them into simple forms.

After gathering and simplifying information, his next step is to narrate the story in a very creative way.

“There are four methods used in his storytelling about the financial crisis, comprising radio, graphics, a comic and a Broadway show tune,” Bernstein said. “This will help people understand what is going on easier and also enjoy following it.”

His great efforts to get information from sources and his creativity in conveying messages to the public could impress the audience. Bernstein dares to think and do constructively, enabling him to grab the Pulitzer Prize and has become one of the real journalistic stars in the world.

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