Confidence in sex and population structure

05 Oct


HONG KONG – Sex is a taboo subject in many countries, especially in Asia, but one aspect of sex will be raised publicly here. As the title of this blog post implies, sexual confidence and population structure in Hong Kong will be discussed as the following figures are indeed interesting.

First of all, start with a survey by Durex, a global leading condom producer in its “The Face of Global Sex 2008, the Path to Sexual Confidence” through the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey. This survey was developed to understand how and why sex is important for physical, emotional and psychological health. Respondents were of all ages, sexual orientations, cultures and lifestyles.

Of course, there is no need to compare the figure for Hong Kong with other countries; however, it can be seen that the figure is not that low but it is also not that high either. From the two graphs, the level of confidence in knowing how to have a happy and fulfilling sex life and overall level of confidence about sex for Hong Kong people are at about 63 percent and 65 percent respectively. Ok, so what is the point of narrating any statistics about sex here?

It is undeniably true that sex is a part of marriage life. If the confidence in knowing how to have a happy and fulfilling sex life and overall level of confidence about sex for Hong Kong people is low, this will certainly affect marriage life and divorce rate later on.

Source: Women and Men in Hong Kong Key Statistics, 2011 Edition

Take a glance at the divorce rate in Hong Kong. The figure has been on an increasing trend thus far. The number of divorces nearly doubled in 2008 when compared with the figure in 1996. Although the divorce rate among Hong Kongers would reduce a bit in one year later, it returned to hit the highest record at 18,161 times in 2010.  This can illustrate the relationship of confidence in sex among Hong Kong people and impacts on marriage and tendency to divorce.

Fortunately, look at the remarriage figures in general, all three types of remarriage, comprising first marriage of the groom and remarriage of bride, first marriage of the bride and remarriage of the groom as well as remarriage of both parties have been in increasing trend so far. The figures did shoot up a lot in 2006 for all types. Nevertheless, remarriage figures in total do not cover all divorces.

To give a clearer perspective on how confidence in sex can affect Hong Kong, the population pyramids can help. Just compare figures between 2006 and 2010, it can be seen that Hong Kong is approaching to a society of senior citizens. The majority of people are in working age group while the number of young people who will become the work force in the future is lower.

In conclusion, from the title of this blog post, it might seem irrelevant at first to mention how confidence in sex can affect the population structure as a whole. These interesting facts have implied that if couples have no happiness in their sexual part of marriage life, fewer children will be born while the foundation of strong families is somewhat getting weaker.

The authorities of Hong Kong are probably mulling over this issue seriously although they might not say aloud how serious it can be. Who knows?

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