How to play badminton in HK part I: Join HKBC

05 Feb


If you are looking for badminton games in Hong Kong, this should be the right place for you. In this first part, I will generally point out directions to access the games held by local people and discuss how to attend sessions arranged by Hong Kong Badminton Club.

There are at least two ways allowing all badminton players to participate in the sessions arranged by the locals – regularly and irregularly, as follows.

First, you may decide to join games organized by HKBC, a badminton social club. This probably requires the least complicated steps to get into the activity. For walk-in players, all you have to do is to fill in the online form provided on its website to choose your preferred sessions in the message box. Then, relax and wait for an email from the club.  You also do not have to worry about the language barrier because the website is in English. However, since HKBC has limited the number of walk-in players allowed in each session, you are suggested to sign up for the preferred games as fast as possible.

In case you really worry about availability in each session, you may decide to apply for a membership of HKBC. The fee is at HK$600 for 3-month membership. You will receive a privilege to enjoy the weekly game without notifying them in advance.

HKBC regularly holds badminton sessions on Sunday evening at 8-10 p.m. at Hong Kong Park Sports Center (香港公園體育館); however, some may be moved to Sheung Wan Sports Center (上環體育館) and others following announcements on the website. A two-hour session with a total of four courts and shuttlecocks costs each walk-in player HK$60.

The levels of players in HKBC are various ranging from beginners to intermediates. In addition, since the club is open for international players, you can find players of many nationalities here, such as French, Chinese, Hong Kong, Thai, Malaysian, British, Taiwanese, Indian and Philippine.

As for the second choice, if you want to play more local games with local people, you need to adapt yourself to be the local by looking for the sessions from the Chinese badminton website like the Hong Kong Forum. However, the processes to join the games are much more complicated than HKBC.

Again, don’t panic. Tips and details will be shared in the next post. Please do follow.

HKBC welcomes all badminton players. Photo: Sarunlee


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4 responses to “How to play badminton in HK part I: Join HKBC

  1. Dolthep Siripanyakul

    05/02/2012 at 17:14

    ขยันเขียนกว่ากูอีก เหอๆ

  2. Sam

    12/04/2013 at 12:51

    Hi there, I’d like to learn how to play badminton. Can you recommend any classes? Thanks.

    • sarunlee

      12/04/2013 at 13:25

      Hi Sam, I’m sorry. I have no idea about any training sessions in Hong Kong. However, you may find some information from your badminton friends when you have joined their games. Good Luck!



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