How to play badminton in HK part II: Registration on HK Forum

08 Feb


As I mentioned in the previous entry about the second choice, looking for badminton games organized by the locals from the complete Chinese website like Hong Kong Forum, it is absolutely going to be a very hard time for every non-Chinese badminton player due to the language barrier.

Unlike the website of Hong Kong Badminton Club, which is in English, this time, it is much more challenging since you do not know Chinese, the main language used in the Hong Kong Forum website. However, if you really want to find more intensive badminton games in the city, you need to follow a series of blog posts here from now on closely.

I firstly will dedicate this entry to share the very first step with you, which is about the user registration process.

Before starting to look for a game, you are required to register for a username and a password, so that you will use them to log into the website and identify yourself when you have posted anything in discussion. The registration steps are as follows.

First, let’s go to Hong Kong Forum, and then click “registration (註冊)” on the top of the page.

Registration process for Hong Kong Forum: Step 1

Second, click “agree (同意)” at the bottom of the “Term of service” page. Please note that the button will appear after 10 seconds count.

Registration process for Hong Kong Forum: Step 2

Third, insert your preferred username and password, email address, and other information following the picture below. Then, click “submit (提交)” at bottom. Please note that your username must be unique while the password must be more than six characters.

Registration process for Hong Kong Forum: Step 3

Upon completion of the registration process, you will automatically be brought back to the main page with the login of your username. If you want to log out, just simply click “quit (退出)” button at top.

However, it is not the time to get into a game yet because there are a few more steps required, so, catch up with part III.


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    come back when at home

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    i am newbe


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