How to play badminton in HK part III: Game information in HK Forum

11 Feb


Now, you should already have your own username and password to log in into the Hong Kong Forum website. If not, please refer to the previous entry, Registration of Hong Kong Forum, in the second part of this ‘How to play badminton in HK’ series.

For this step, you will be asked to learn some need-to-know information about badminton sessions held by local organizers in the website. This would help you make a right decision on the games participation later on.

Let’s begin with the login process for the Hong Kong Forum.

How to Log into HK Forum website

How to log into HK Forum website 2

You will automatically be brought back to the main page and saw a lot of badminton sessions arranged by the locals.

Badminton sessions

Information about each badminton session usually will be presented in a quite similar pattern as illustrated in the picture below.

Badminton session 21)      Playing date (e.g. Feb. 9); 月= month and 日 = date

2)      Place [Morse Park (Sports Center)]

*In this case, the host omitted the word “Sports Center (體育館)” *

3)      Time (9-11 p.m.)

4)      The number of courts in each hour (one court for two hours)

5)      Level of players and playing mode (upper beginners & doubles)

Mostly, badminton games in the website will be held at sports centers, which can be translated into “體育館” in Chinese. So, the word “體育館” will usually be placed after the name of the sports centers. For example:

上環體育館 = Sheung Wan Sports Center

港灣道體育館 = Harbor Road Sports Center

花園街體育館 = Fa Yuen Street Sports Center

However, some games will not be arranged at sports centers, but at some clubhouses instead or “會所” in Chinese, such as 將軍澳會所 (Tseung Kwan O Plaza Clubhouse).

For a tip, if you have no idea where the games are going to take place, you just simply copy the Chinese name of the sport centers and google it. The English information of every sport center in the city, including maps, transportations and facilities, can be found in the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) website of the Hong Kong government.

As for players’ levels and playing modes in the website, the players are mainly divided into five levels, comprising beginner (初級), upper beginner (初中級), intermediate (中級), upper intermediate (中高級) and advanced player (高級). Meanwhile, playing modes are men’s singles (男單打), women’s singles (女單打), men’s doubles (男雙打), women’s doubles (女雙打) and mixed doubles (混雙打). Some sessions do not indicate specifically or use the word “打波” instead.

I hope that this basic information will do you have some idea about badminton sessions in the Hong Kong Forum. However, before signing up for the game, there is another important step required, and it is coming in the next part of this series. Don’t miss.

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