How to play badminton in HK part V: Sign up for games in HK Forum

18 Feb


Congratulations! Now, you have come to the final part of the “How to play badminton in HK” episode. In this step, I am going to guide you how to register yourself for a game in the Hong Kong Forum website. Let’s begin.

First, after logging into the website, you can choose whatever badminton sessions you want from many threads.

Badminton sessions in main page of HK Forum

Second, inside the thread page, you just simply scroll down to the bottom, and show your intention to join the game in a reply box. You can use English to communicate with the game organizer.

Reply to sign up for a badminton game

Third, after showing your interest to join the game in the thread, you have to send personal message to the host. Click on the PM button (發短消息) under his/her username.

PM button

A message box will pop up. Type information about the game and your mobile number, and then click submit.

PM the host

Once the host received your request, he/she will give you confirmation in the thread as well as put your username on the player list.

List of players in the session

There are some important rules that you should know. After you signed up for the game, you must be present in the court. If you are really busy and cannot attend the session, you have to inform the game organizer of your cancellation at least 48 hours before the session takes place. Otherwise, you will either be fined in the next participation or put on a blacklist.

As I told you in the very first entry about badminton in Hong Kong, Introduction to Badminton in HK, it is very difficult to book the court here while the demand is high. Therefore, every game organizer just wants to make sure that their sessions will be fully fitted with the appropriate number of players in order to prevent their loss from the advance court booking and shuttlecock costs.

Normally, each host limits the number of players at seven people per court on average. The 2-hour session will cost you HK$45-50 while the 3-hour will be around HK$65-70. The shuttlecocks mostly have good quality under the brands of RSL and Hi-qua.

That’s all for the processes in finding and joining badminton sessions in the Hong Kong Forum. Hope you enjoy the games. For the next entries of this blog, I will add photos about badminton courts in Hong Kong and tell you how to get there. Some badminton stores might be introduced in the blog as well. Please feel free to follow. Thank you very much.

Badminton game at Kowloon Park Sports Center

A badminton session of HK Forum at Kowloon Park Sports Center. Photo: Sarunlee


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2 responses to “How to play badminton in HK part V: Sign up for games in HK Forum

  1. Dean C.K. Cox

    18/03/2012 at 19:50

    Great step-by-step instructions.

  2. sarunlee

    19/03/2012 at 14:42

    Thank you, Dean. I just hope that this information will be useful for all badminton lovers, especially those non-Chinese speakers, living in Hong Kong.


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