Shui Wo Sports Center – Review

03 Mar


*This review is applicable to badminton only*

Shui Wo Sports Center (瑞和街體育館) provides one activity room, three squash courts and one multi-purpose main arena, which can be converted into one basketball court, one volleyball court or four badminton courts. It is quite far from the Kwun Tong MTR station and the way to the sports center is a bit complicated. Please refer to the previous entry “Shui Wo Sports Center – Direction”.

The sports center opens from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, except its maintenance days. The maintenance days take place on the first and third Monday of each month from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; however, the schedule will be changed to the next day if it is a public holiday.

The sports center is located on the very top of Shui Wo Street Municipal Services Building at eighth and ninth floors. The badminton courts are on the eighth storey. Restrooms and a changing room nearby the entrance of the court are clean with the installation of good ventilation. Shower rooms are also provided.

For the badminton courts of Shui Wo Sports Center, the courts are clean and not slippery. However, the hall space is quite limited while the air-conditioning is not well installed. In other words, the air-conditioning line on the ceiling is installed on the playing area, so direction of a feathered shuttlecock can be changed very easily whenever the bird flies through the line and it is hit by the strong wind.

In addition, the light in the sports hall is too strong, so white shuttlecocks cannot be seen clearly sometimes. Only few small benches are provided in the side. Drinking fountains are installed outside on the way to the changing rooms, which are somewhat difficult to find.

Sui Wo Badminton Court. Air conditioners blow air downwards towards the court.

Air conditioners blow air downwards towards the court. Photo: Sarunlee

Since it is the multi-purpose sports hall just like other sports centers in Hong Kong, there are many lines used for different sports drawn to the court. So, badminton players sometimes may get confused and make wrong decisions during their games.


Location: 2/5

Cleanliness 3/5

Changing room 3/5

Badminton court 2/5

Staff personality 4/5

Overall satisfaction 2.5/5

Sui Wo Badminton Court

Four badminton courts of Sui Wo Sports Center. Photo: Sarunlee

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