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Pride and Prejudice of Thai students


GAT answer sheet

2nd GAT/PAT of 2012 in Thailand scheduled on March 3-6.

On March 3, 2012, Thai Grade 12 students nationwide gathered at their arranged examination places across the country. It was the time playing an important role to draw their future life, including careers. It was the time with full of tension. It was the first day of the second General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Professional Aptitude Test (PAT).

GAT and PAT are one of the main factors in the university admissions system of Thailand. They account for 10-50 percent and 0-40 percent respectively. The rest comes from Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPAX) from Grade 10 to Grade 12 with six semesters in total, at 20 percent and Ordinary National Educational Test (O-Net) at 30 percent, according to the Central University Admissions System. GAT and PAT are arranged twice each year whilst O-Net is only once.

Considering the said criteria, about 80 percent of the total score is purely from the exam rooms. The scores judge if students are qualified to study in their preferred fields and universities. Therefore, many Thai students must inevitably be studying very hard in order to ready themselves for a series of tests coming at the end of their high school life. They take many tutorial classes outside their schools and keep studying until late night. Their joyful life has somehow turned to be troublesome.

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Cops and robbers


Intellectual property is an important issue in this globalizing world after the spread of pirated products ranging from brand-name garments, music, movies to computer software. Certain industries are indeed affected.

Piracy is a crime. If producing counterfeit goods by copying from original ones can cause significant damages to product owners, stealing their information does not make any difference. If the thief is a big nation, this indeed will be a colossal international problem, sparking a plethora of consequences.

The U.S. recently spent about $398 billion to examine who or which countries are its biggest information thief. The result concluded that China, its key economic rival, was on the list to steal sensitive economic and commercial information of the country, including pharmaceuticals, information-technology, military equipment as well as advanced materials and manufacturing processes.

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