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The Last Lesson


It is 7 a.m. on a day in early 1998. A middle-aged man is slowly walking down the stairs in his three-floor building in the heart of Bangkok. Once he reaches the ground, he sees his 11-year-old youngest son rushing his homework with his pen sprinting on his notebook.

Somnich Saelee is staring at his busy son as if he would like to lecture him for being irresponsible again but he is too weak to say anything because of the aching stomach. The boy immediately senses the dissatisfaction and feels uncomfortable. He shies away from meeting eye contact and leaves for a private school, Sitabutr Bamrung, with his unfinished assignment.

Somnich is 41 years old when he is diagnosed as having the final stage of liver cancer although he neither drinks nor smokes. A medical examination at Saint Louis Hospital, found the cancerous tumor covering almost the entire organ after he suffered from severe stomach ache for some time.

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