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Saturn @ My house by PB Sport


Saturn was founded in 2006 to gather badminton enthusiasts living in the Pinklao area of Bangkok. In addition to local players, the club is widely promoted among the international badminton community like the forum. So, foreign visitors, particularly from Europe, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong, are usually seen showing off their badminton techniques and unique styles at the club. 

The Saturn club is currently managed by K’Golf. The club organizes games every Saturday starting from 8 p.m. The club size should be relatively large, because the number of players reached as much as 107 people in the past. Skills of the club members range from beginner to advanced level.

Saturn is a good example of boundless badminton where everyone, regardless of nationality and language, can come, play and enjoy making friends at the club.

Credit: Ibabad on Facebook

Where to play: My house By PB Sport

Address: 57 Borommaratchachonnani Rd., Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170

Time to play: Every Saturday from 8 p.m. onwards

Club size: Large

Player levels: Beginner to Advanced

Court available: n/a

Shuttlecock: RSL Silver Feather

Game fee: THB70 plus THB15 per shuttlecock


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Poong Klang Badminton Team @ Mama Badminton Club


Poong Klang is the very first badminton team that has been recommended for those who live in the Pinklao area of Bangkok. The location is very convenient around 500 meters from the CentralPlaza Pinklao shopping mall.

The Poong Klang team is currently managed by K’O. The team organizes games every Thursday from 8 p.m to 12 midnight. Each session normally has 20-30 people playing on three courts. They are 20-50 years old with skills ranging from beginner to upper-intermediate levels.

The team provides friendly and warm atmosphere. All walk-in players are welcome to join.

Credit: Ibabad on Facebook

Where to play: Mama Badminton Club

Address: 99/108 Soi Borommaratchachonnani 17, Borommaratchachonnani Rd., Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700

Time to play: Every Thursday from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight

Club size: Medium

Player levels: Beginner to Upper-Intermediate

Courts available: 3

Shuttlecock: RSL Silver Feather

Game fee: THB70 plus THB15 per shuttlecock


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Sad Kra Jai! @ Sathupradit 57


We are Sad Kra Jai!

Sad Kra Jai! members gather for a team battle against Sunday Hey-Ha on May 3, 2014. Photo: Sad Kra Jai! Team


“Play till you drop” can be applied to this team at Sathupradit 57 Badminton Court in Bangkok. Although they spend only two days a week, their four-hour session will certainly let you soak in sweat. If four hours still cannot satisfy their club members, they usually continue their games until 2 a.m. of the next day. Each session normally has 30-40 people with a wide range of badminton skills. The team is open for walk-in players.


Where to play: Sathupradit 57 Badminton Court552695_496321360386328_824490707_n

Address: 951/1, Soi Pricha 1 (Sathupradit 57), Sathupradit Road, Yannawa, Bangkok, 10120

Time to play: Every Wednesday and Friday from 8 p.m.

Club size: Large (30-50 people)

Player levels: Beginner to Upper-intermediate

Courts available: n/a

Shuttlecock: RSL Silver Feather

Game fee: THB 130-200




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Speed @ Tito


Tito Badminton

Speed Club is one of the two biggest badminton groups (The other is Jeng-Jing Group) at Tito Badminton Court on Thonburi or the west side of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. The club normally has 30-40 people joining each session on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. However, they usually extend their game schedule until midnight to fulfill the needs of its members. Casual visitors who love to travel and challenge people outside their home base are welcome, no matter how good you are at badminton.

Where to play: Tito Badminton Court (10 minutes walk from BTS Krung Thonburi station)

Address: Soi Charoen Nakorn 14, Charoen Nakorn Rd., Klongsan, Bangkok 10600

Time to play: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8-11 p.m.

Club size: Large (30-40 people)

Player levels: Beginner to Upper Intermediate

Courts avaiable: 4

Shuttlecock: RSL

Game fee: THB 130-200




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Sunday Hey-Ha @ Suan Sa Ngob


We are the 'Sunday Hey-Ha' team!

We are the ‘Sunday Hey-Ha’ team!

Sunday Hey-Ha Badminton Club is a medium-sized badminton group located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The club was founded in 2009 and began with just a small group of friends. The group had four and five players at the beginning but become bigger through word of mouth among friends of the membership. Now, there are more than 20 people regularly playing on three or four courts each week. Apart from weekly exercises, a special activity like the “Sunday Hey-Ha Competition Night” is held three times a year to let the members challenge against one another. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy with the friendly atmosphere at the club every Sunday evening.

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Pride and Prejudice of Thai students


GAT answer sheet

2nd GAT/PAT of 2012 in Thailand scheduled on March 3-6.

On March 3, 2012, Thai Grade 12 students nationwide gathered at their arranged examination places across the country. It was the time playing an important role to draw their future life, including careers. It was the time with full of tension. It was the first day of the second General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Professional Aptitude Test (PAT).

GAT and PAT are one of the main factors in the university admissions system of Thailand. They account for 10-50 percent and 0-40 percent respectively. The rest comes from Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPAX) from Grade 10 to Grade 12 with six semesters in total, at 20 percent and Ordinary National Educational Test (O-Net) at 30 percent, according to the Central University Admissions System. GAT and PAT are arranged twice each year whilst O-Net is only once.

Considering the said criteria, about 80 percent of the total score is purely from the exam rooms. The scores judge if students are qualified to study in their preferred fields and universities. Therefore, many Thai students must inevitably be studying very hard in order to ready themselves for a series of tests coming at the end of their high school life. They take many tutorial classes outside their schools and keep studying until late night. Their joyful life has somehow turned to be troublesome.

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